Kundali bhagya : Varun Exposed? Preeta worried?

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya many big changes are going to happen. You must have seen that Varun is present in the hospital and he also meets Kavya where Varun is lying to Kavya that he came for his office work.

He is in the hospital and there is no one else in the hospital but his client is present. Kavya does not like this but very soon now the talk of Varun marrying Kavya is going to move forward but along with that there will be another new twist in the story in which Preeta And because of this, both of them will be seen face to face with each other,

Preeta will slowly start moving towards the cause, on the other hand, the hatred in Rajveer’s mind for Karan is going to increase and this hatred will also become the reason for distance between them. Karan wants Rajveer wants to tell her the whole truth and stay with her but this is not happening. Now in the upcoming episode, Rajveer is going to reach the police station with the evidence, where the reason will try to talk to her lovingly, but the angry Rajveer turns on Karan.

Karan will respond and this is where we are going to see a fight between Karan and Rajveer. Not only this, Rajveer will also be seen becoming the reason for the distance between Preeta and Karan.

By the way, you must have heard that the show is going to take a lead of 5 years very soon in which new characters are going to be seen, Palki i.e. Adrija Roy is going to replace Sana Sayyad, you will be seen very soon at the shooting location, complete information about it. You will get the information in another article. By the way, what do you think, will Rajveer also continue to hate Karan like Shaurya or will there be closeness between Rajveer and Karan?

And on the other hand, Shaurya is also seen very angry because on one hand he has been provoked by Anshuman Pandey and he has started hating the pair of Preeta and Karan but he does not know that with Preeta. Very soon Shaurya will be seen questioning Karan about why Karan is getting so close to him. Now will Karan be able to answer all his questions or not? It will be very interesting to see.

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