Kundali Bhagya : Rajveer’s Masterplan To Expose Anshuman Pandey

In upcoming episode of kundali Bhagya you are going to see a big twist where Rajveer karan Preeta and other family members are ready to take a big chance to expose Anshuman Pandey and take Shaurya out from the jail but here is a big twist.

At first karan Preeta Nidhi and Rakhi had a fight for Rajveer Where Nidhi Blames Rajveer that he work with anshuman to Destroy Luthra’s but at the end Karan stop her and then preeta gose angry and she went to meet Rajveer.Nidhi Thought she did it Preeta will never come back and now she took Rajveer and go away from Luthra’s but Happens all opposite Preeta Faced the biggest problem and Ask Rajveer to tell her the truth she don’t want to hear anything else

Rajveer resist but preeta slapped him and ask again for Reality then Rajveer admit that she did it to take Revange from Karan because he hurt them butRajveer didn’t reveals the real truth and now Preeta take promise to not to hurt luthra’s

Now it’s time to take Revange karan to Anshuman Pandey Rajveer make masterplan To Expose Anshuman and he talk about his plan with karan.Karan belive that this time Rajveer take Revange from Anshuman Pandey and make Shaurya out from the jailNidhi still try to Manipulate Karan Because he is blindly believing Rajveer and handling over property papers and the paper Anshuman Pandey wants

But Karan knows what he is doing and Trusting Rajveer is one of his best decision to take his Trust.Now what you think will Rajveer is going to be successful in his Plan or He going to betray Karan again

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