Kundali bhagya : Rajveer Memory loss? Shaurya back

In the upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya, many great twists are being brought for you all, however, the news is coming that Rajveer will lose his memory before the leap, is this true, is Rajveer really going to have an accident, is Rajveer all?

Will you forget what will be special and what will be shown in the upcoming episodes? Let us tell you all about how and what will be shown to you in this article before and after the leap.

Fans have asked many questions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, is something really going to happen to Rajveer or will Rajveer take a big twist? Let us tell you.

In the current track, Karan is defending Rajveer and Preeta, Nidhi is trying to get Preet and Rajveer out of the house but not a single plan of hers is succeeding. Now Rajveer will be very worried in the coming episodes.

In the end, how will he get Sorry out of the jail and how will he stop her from telling the truth about the troubles he is facing like the reasons he is doing to her again and again and the same Nidhi also wants the same. He wants to completely throw Preet and Rajveer out of the house, but this time something opposite will happen in which if anyone raises questions on Rajveer and Preeta or says anything wrong about them, Karan will leave the house.

On hearing this, the entire Luthra family gets shocked and something else is going on in Preeta’s mind that because of her, problems are increasing in the entire Luthra family but the entire Luthra family is supporting her and Rajveer is his own. A new plan has been made that how will he leave Anshuman Pandey behind and how will he make his new plan and get Shaurya out of jail.

And what that plan is, we will know about it very soon.

But Rajveer will be attacked by Anshuman Pandey, but Anshuman Pandey is going to lose in this.

And after this, the biggest secret related to Kavya is going to be revealed, so how excited are you all, do tell by commenting.

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