Kundali Bhagya : Rajveer in Jail Palki Emotional

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rajveer and Karan had come to trap Anshuman Pandey where his whole truth was about to be revealed but here a big change took place when Anshuman Pandey himself made a new plan and trapped Rajveer. Trapped, what happened in the end, did the plan of both Karan and Rajveer really flop or not? Let us tell you all the things in this article.

Very soon you all will get to see the plan that Anshuman Pandey has made to trap Rajveer where he had earlier come to know that both Rajveer and Karan together are making some biggest plan in which he will be trapped. He would be trapped and he made a new plan in which he trapped Rajveer in the opposite direction. The police came and arrested Rajveer in a case of cheating.

Earlier, Rajveer had gone to give money and property papers. Anshuman Pandey knew that something was wrong and due to Nidhi’s mistake, all this was revealed, after which now Rajveer will also be seen locked inside the jail and earlier Anshuman Pandey was asking for property etc. but now he wants the entire property because Rajveer is also lodged inside the jail and all efforts are failing and Palki, Preeta Karan and the entire Luthra family are all getting worried but there is no way out.

Now in the upcoming episode, Rajveer will try to get Shaurya out of jail where Karan will be about to agree to Anshuman Pandey.

Will Karan really transfer all the property in the name of Anshuman Pandey? Will the Luthra family become poor? What do you think? Do tell in the comments.

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