Kundali Bhagya : Preeta To expose Varun with the help of Palki.

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that Preeta is about to catch Varun by the hand while he is talking to Aaliya but Varun’s worst side is going to be seen. Varun is going to threaten Preeta that if she interferes in his personal life then it will be bad for Preeta. Will Preeta be able to expose Varun?

We will tell you everything in this article.

The biggest fight is about to start between Preeta and Varun in which Preeta will want to save Kavya and first Palki and then Rajveer will come forward to help Preeta and then the real game will begin.

Now Preeta has to work first in which she is going to teach Anshuman Pandey a lesson and along with that, in the upcoming episodes, the biggest plan of Preeta and Karan is going to be revealed, as soon as it is revealed, the ground will slip under Nidhi’s feet, Nidhi will be shocked that what happened in the end?

Finally, the biggest truth is going to come in front of all of you, the entire property of the Luthra family and along with that the entire company is in Preeta’s name.

After which Nidhi is shocked to hear this secret and along with that the story is going to take a new turn, you will get more details about all this in the coming few articles, so how excited are you?

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