Kundali bhagya :- Preeta To expose Nidhi infront of Luthra Family

In upcoming twist Preeta is about to enter the Luthra house and a new game is about to start in which she will try to expose Nidhi and whether Nidhi’s truth will be revealed or not and what will be special in the upcoming episode, we will tell in this article.

Diwali functions have progressed in which you all will get to see many dance performances. Now big twists are going to come from both sides,

on one side Preeta Karan’s special dance performance and on the other side Rajveer Palki Shaurya and Shanaya’s special dance. The performance that you will see in this Diwali special episode but after that the biggest reveal will be.

After all this Preeta will meet Nidhi very angry now but Nidhi’s manipulation game will be so strong that Preeta will be convinced and on the other side the party will be going on in which Rajveer and Palki are coming closer to each other.Will Rajveer go close to Palki or try to tell him about his feelings?

Now Rajveer will be able to tell him about his feelings. It will be very interesting to see Palki.

A situation is about to arise in front of the palanquin which will put Rajveer in a dilemma.Palki first suspects that Rajveer or Preeta are hiding some big truth.

But will you be able to find out the truth or will you meet Preeta Karan on the other side, but even after a lot of efforts, Preeta will not be able to stay in the Luthra house or Preeta will again disappear before Karan stop her to stay

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