Kundali Bhagya : Preeta Suggest Karan To Collaborate with Anshuman’s Company

Very soon in Kundali Bhagya, Anshuman Pandey is going to come to Luthra House to make a biggest demand and give a good news.

Anshuman comes to the Luthra house and everyone is present there where he first tells Karan that he does not want the property papers that he had proposed and the entire property that he had transferred to his name.

But he wants something in return which can give him profit and everyone gets worried about this and is surprised because what does Anshuman Pandey want in the end?

After this, Anshuman Pandey says many things and he says that if you bring me something or offer me something which will be beneficial for me, then I will help you all in getting Shaurya and Rajveer out of jail, but I need something that will be beneficial for me.

In which Preeta is seen saying the biggest thing that if you do not want property then Karan can offer you one thing, the companies of both of you can collaborate together in which both will benefit and the amount of profit in it and all the deals. Information will be shared which Anshuman Pandey becomes happy after hearing and he feels much better than Preet Kaise’s proposal and he leaves giving time to the whole house to think.

But will Preeta’s words be accepted so easily?
Now in the upcoming episode, Nidhi and Kareena are going to point fingers on all the things told by Preeta and Preeta will be told that she has met Anshuman Pandey.

What will be Karan’s answer to this?

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