Kundali Bhagya : Preeta Know the truth about Rajveer

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, you all are going to see that now Preet is going to go to Pandey where many big revelations are going to happen in front of her and the biggest tweet in the upcoming episode will come when Shaurya is released from jail. Nidhi is going to go with Karan to take him out.

Who will get Shaurya out of jail?
Will Rajveer’s truth really be revealed to Preeta?

Will Preeta start hating Rajveer?

You have many big questions in your mind, you will get answers to all these questions in this article.

Nidhi is very angry at Karan because she does not understand why Karan is not going to save Shaurya.
Somewhere he knows why he is paying more attention to Rajveer but he does not know that Rajveer is also his son. In the coming episodes, soon many questions will be asked on Preeta only because of Nidhi and because of Nidhi’s wish.

This is so that he can prove Preeta wrong and move ahead and on the other hand, he will see the reason while trying to bring Rajveer and Shaurya together but after seeing Shaurya in jail, Preeta is also very angry due to which now she has to save Shaurya. Preeta is going to go to Pandey’s place. Pandey will be very surprised here. Seeing Preet, Preeta will be seen saying that if you do not withdraw the allegations against Shaurya, then I will not leave you too.

After this, Pandey turns back to Preeta and is seen saying that you probably don’t know that Rajveer, your son is associated with me, we both work together.

After hearing this, Preeta is shocked but she sticks to her words and Pandey also threatens her that if Rajveer takes any wrong step then he will reveal his secret and everyone will start hating Rajveer. Is Preeta telling the truth? Will Preeta reveal Rajveer’s truth to Shaurya? Will Preeta really start hating Rajveer? What you think about that comment on it…..

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