Kundali bhagya : Preeta is going to Expose Nidhi & Varun

In Kundali Bhagya, after Preeta’s accident, Nidhi is afraid that she might remember everything. If Preeta remembers everything, will Nidhi really be thrown out of Luthra house or will some new twist come?

What is she going to do? Nidhi
What is the plan for Nidhi?
What decision is Preeta going to take after she regains consciousness? You all will get answers to all the questions in this article.

Since Nidhi has come to know that Preeta can regain her memory, Nidhi is very worried about Preeta.

She is having dreams that Preeta has thrown her and Karan Luthra out of the house.

After which she is feeling very lonely but after this dream Nidhi will take the biggest decision.

She is now going to use Shaurya as her pawn and Nidhi will provoke Shaurya.

And when Shaurya will get angry, Nidhi will provoke him against Rajveer and now there will be a fight between Rajveer and Shaurya.

But Nidhi will not stop at one place, she will now go and instigate Karan against Rajveer and she will think that the plan will be successful

But wait, now there will be a twist in the story

Instead of getting angry at Rajveer, Karan will try to make him understand and will tell him that

Whatever you think about Shaurya is right, you just have to see how you fulfill your duty of being an elder brother

And Shaurya is younger than you, so you will have to handle him, seeing which Nidhi gets shocked and sees her plan flopping

Now what do you all think? It will happen when Preeta will come to her senses and will Preeta really take such a decision that will change the story completely?

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