kundali bhagya : preeta fail to expose Varun

The biggest twist is going to come in Kundali Bhagya. Preeta is going to be very upset because of Varun’s actions. Varun wants to marry Kavya but he has some motive. Preeta has come to know about this. Preeta wants that all these things should come in front of everyone and this marriage of Kavya should be stopped without hurting her. But will Preeta be able to bring all these things in front of everyone?

Will Varun really get exposed or not? Let us tell you in this article. Before telling about it, thank you all for visiting Ishani Networks.

Varun has kept Kavya in his net in which Kavya is going first and the upcoming episode will be very shocking for Varun because all the bad things of the entire Loosra family will be in the name of Preeta and as soon as Varun hears about Preeta, he will remember that He talked to Preeta in such a rude manner and he tries to apologize to her.

He will go to Preeta but Preeta is not going to forgive him and in the upcoming episode, Preeta is going to take some big decisions due to which Nidhi and the entire Luthra family will be shocked. So, how excited are you to see this new twist, do let us know by commenting.

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