kundali Bhagya : Nidhi Join hands with Anshuman to take Revenge from Preeta

Kundali Bhagya is about to take a big leap, preparations for which have started very soon, completely new forms of characters are being seen here, what will the new form be like and in the end, who will be seen here? Will come and what will be the story after the leap.
And will Anshuman succeed? Will Ranveer reveal the truth to Preeta and that too Rajveer? Is Preeta’s memory going to come back or not?

Many big questions are coming up, let us give you some information in this article, you will be shocked to hear it.

In the first upcoming episode, it is going to be revealed to all of you that Nidhi is in collusion with Anshuman Pandey only to further her own work in which she has used Anshuman only as her pawn and in the upcoming episodes. You all will get to see that now Shaurya Rajveer is in jail.

And Nidhi has made a new plan that she will only let Shaurya out. She shook hands with Anshuman. Did he take the right decision or was it wrong? What do you think? Do tell by commenting.

Karan, Preeta and Palki are together trying to collect evidence.

More updates are coming for you all, so wait a little and you all are going to get more updates.

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