Kundali Bhagya : Nidhi Exposed rajveer and Pteeta

There are going to be big twists in the upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya where on one side there will be a fight between Rajveer and Shaurya while on the other side Karan will be called to give a last warning, a conspiracy will be hatched against Preeta from Nidhi’s side and with him from the marriage.

It will start with the biggest revelation in the upcoming episode which will happen because of Nidhi. What is that revelation and what will be special in the upcoming episode, we will tell in this article.

You must have seen that Karan had given a warning to Nidhi that if she says anything against Preeta and Rajveer or if any member of the family talks about Rajveer and Preeta leaving the Luthra house, then she and herself will leave the house.

Nidhi gets shocked after hearing this but still she does not give up her anger. She comes back once again and is seen telling Karan that what is it that you are doing so much for Rajveer. Yes, and the same Shaurya is in jail, you don’t care at all about him, hearing all this is very much and Preeta and all the other members of the Luthra family get shocked.
The same reason why she is not able to answer Nidhi’s questions and in the upcoming episode, Preeta is seen racking her brains and along with her, there are many things going on in her mind as to what happened in the end which caused this. Reason is not Nidhi, he has told all this to Karan and Karan is refusing to answer.

Right now, Karan does not want to answer even a single question of Nidhi in which he knows that if he answers, then Preeta and Rajveer will face Nidhi.

Preeta’s truth will be revealed and now a new twist is going to come in the story in which Karan will get a call from the hospital as well as from the police station that there is a very urgent matter to be done quickly after which now Nidhi will be out of jail. And very soon the preparations for the leap are going to start in which you are going to know almost all these things.

New Shaurya and Palki is going to introduced and yes Karan preeta is get closed for some time and most awaited moment is coming soon,

where preeta and her memory get triggered by Nidhi’s evil plan and she remembers that she had 2 babies she met an accident and Someone is behind all these things she try to force her to remember the name of main villain but she fainted.

By the way, do tell us by commenting how excited you are to see this upcoming episode and the new twist.

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