Kundali bhagya: New Leap Promo

A new leap is going to come very soon in Kundali Bhagya, preparations for which have started, very soon you all will get to see that now a big change is going to happen in Preeta Karan, Rajveer, Shaurya, Palki, Nidhi and the rest of the Luthra family members.

The special news is that the preparation of the script and the new look test has started in which you all will see many big changes. The closeness between Karan and Rajveer is going to increase. Karan is going to get his lost son Rudra but still this question is in your mind. Will the truth really come out and that too of Rajveer, but will Rajveer really tell his truth to the reason or will it continue as it is? Karan knows that Rajveer is his son.

No, this is not going to happen because Rajveer is going to give an oath to Karan that he will let him continue as he is and in return he will not take Preeta away from him but this story is not confirmed yet, the makers are still talking about it as soon as it will be confirmed. We will tell you the story.

Now another new twist is about to come in the story which you all will be shocked to see because Nidhi is going to make a new plan and attack Preet and his insecurity will increase even more. After this, many big twists are going to come in the script.

So how excited are you to see all this? Please do tell by commenting.

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