Kundali Bhagya : Adrija roy Replacing Sana Sayyed as Palki

Adrija Roy confirmed that she is indeed replacing Sana Sayyed in Kundali Bhagya and will be portraying the role of Palki. Adrija mentioned that the television industry is full of uncertainties.

Adrija stated that while she was expecting the show to continue longer, it ended within ten months. Adrija remembers how it was the last day of Imlie when she got a call from the makers of Kundali Bhagya for the role of Palki. Adrija stated that as she is replacing an actress, she is under pressure, especially from the expectations of the people after doing a show like Imlie.

Apart from Sana, Basser Ali has decided to quit the show as he was reportedly not happy with the storyline that has been in action for the past few months. He has also submitted his papers well in advance and is currently serving the notice period. Sana is speculated to be expecting her first baby; hence, she will soon bid adieu to the show.

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