Kundali Bhagya 2 big twist : Varun Exposed kavya Heartbroken, Preeta blamed for this…

Two biggest twists are going to come in Kundali Bhagya in which you all will get to see that now on one side Kavya’s marriage with Varun is going to break.

The second biggest twist is going to come in the story regarding Preeta Karan in which Preeta is going to be blamed once again but why in the end?

We will tell you about it as well as whether a leap is going to come or whether a major change will be made in the story.

You all will be the first to see that Kavya’s marriage is about to break because Kavya has suspected that Varun is cheating on her and Preet knew this truth long ago but she only had suspicions and could not believe that Varun. Can do this, that’s why till now Preeta was silent but on the other hand, Varun is seen roaming with Alia, after which Shanaya sees Varun with Alia and Shanaya thinks that Kavya is with Varun. But now there is a twist in the story because seeing that Varun is roaming with Alia, Shanaya immediately calls Kavya and tells her the whole truth and now Preeta is also going to know this, after which Preeta After Shaurya is released from jail, Rajveer will focus on Kavya and when things escalate, Preeta will come forward to tell everyone. Earlier she was doubtful but now she is sure that Nidhi is going to take advantage of this.

And from this will come the second twist

Nidhi will take advantage of this and will start blaming Preeta and will be there to support her like always. Now it will be very interesting to see whether Karan will be able to save Preeta from this blame or not.

Now let’s talk about this upcoming leap for all of you,
Well, you must be aware that there is going to be a 5 year leap, such things are going on everywhere, but it has also been heard that now a lot of major changes are being made in the story, due to which the coming of the script seems a bit difficult. Now it is up to the makers to decide whether they will take the leap or not. To see how excited you are, do let us know by commenting.

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