kumkum bhagya : Rajvash Support Purvi Prachi Ranbir hit and miss

Now very soon in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you all will get to see small fight between Rajvansh and Purvi is going to start.

While Purvi will tease Rajvansh quite humorously, on the other hand, Rajvansh will also be seen in Purvi’s favor for a few days.

But is there any trick behind this or is something special going to happen? Let us tell you all the things in this article.

Rajvansh has just released Purvi from jail but everyone is not liking it.

Monisha is very angry with Rajvansh and she does not like Purvi at all, that is why she will try to harass Purvi again and again, but in the coming episodes, Rajvansh will come out for Purvi.

But the Rajvansh family will be seen treating Purvi very badly, in which Purvi will be seen speaking very ill about the maid and her family members, but Purvi will keep listening to all this calmly because she knows that First of all she has to prove herself innocent and only then she will take any step.

On the other hand, Ranveer and Prachi are going to come closer to each other once again.

But the same thing will happen again in which we will not even be able to meet each other, we will go away from each other and very soon a promo is going to come in front of you all in which two big revelations are going to be seen, now what are those revelations? -What special will happen will be known soon.

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