Kumkum Bhagya : Rajvansh Help Purvi Monisha Jealous

Big changes will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya.

In which Rajvansh is about to leave the business meeting and come back because he has come to know that Purvi is in jail and the reason for putting her in jail is nothing but embezzlement of money in which she has been caught keeping fake notes and in the upcoming episode.

Rajvansh will be seen trying his best to prove Purvi right. Seeing all this effort, Monisha will be very upset and shocked because it was Monisha who had made this whole plan and she has to get back at Rajvansh for flopping the plan and spoiling the plan. has arrived

As soon as Rajvansh returns home, the first thing he does is to meet Purvi and tries to know everything from her. Purvi tells him incomplete things and asks him to leave. When Rajvansh reaches home, his mother starts listening to him too much that finally When you went to Purvi then why did you go and when you went then why didn’t you tell us and you have grown so much that now you are taking all the decisions without us. Hearing all these things Rajvansh does not understand what to do if he does.

Now in the upcoming episodes Rajvansh will try his best to save Purvi in which he will also be seen successful.

On the other hand, Khushi is very upset because she has come to know that if Puri does not get the bill, she will remain inside the jail and Rajvansh will also try to get Purvi out of the jail, but who will be the first to get Purvi out? What do you think about dynasty or happiness in coming out? Do tell by commenting.

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