Kumkum bhagya New Promo : Ranbir Prachi Together

A big revelation has been made in Kumkum Bhagya and a new promo has come out in which it is being shown how Prachi and Ranveer are going to meet, there is going to be an argument between them but the biggest twist will come when Trishna will come forward.

Now the question is whether Trishna has heard everything or not?

Now questions are being raised on this but the biggest secret has been revealed
In which till now Ranbir and Prachi were seen only meeting but were not able to see each other, now the mode has come in which both Ranveer and Prachi will come face to face with each other.

With both of them coming forward, many things are going to be revealed, first of all, who and how went away from each other, in which Prachi is seen making the first accusation.
That as soon as she went away, Ranveer changed his name and distanced himself from me.

Later Ranveer replies:-
You married someone else even though I was there.

Ranveer and Prachi are blaming each other when Trishna comes from the front and gets shocked hearing it.

But do you think Trishna has heard everything or not?

But when Ranbir and Prachi come face to face, the biggest secret will be revealed.
Whose daughter is Purvi?

There will be many big revelations in the upcoming episodes, the story will be very interesting, on the other hand, the closeness between Purvi and Rajvansh will also be seen increasing. Now do tell by commenting how excited you are to see all this.

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