Bigg Boss 15: Tejjaswi Prakash questions Karan Kundrra about his friendship with Shamita Shetty

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra’s bond was becoming very strong with each passing day in the Bigg Boss 15 house. And viewers were loving the new jodi of the house #TejRan.

However, the upcoming episode will witness a crack in their friendship as Shamita Shetty removes her from the captaincy task. As per the latest promo, Shamita was seen physically fighting to go inside the activity room desperately and when she went inside she removed Tejasswi from the task. Tejasswi was taken aback by Shamita’s attitude and asked the housemates why she was so eager and desperate to remove me from the captaincy race.

She lost her cool and when Karan Kundrra went behind her to calm her down, she snapped at him and asked if he was aware that Shamita had grudges in her heart against her. Karan Kundrra explains to her that Shamita is upset with her about a few things.

Tejasswi thinks that it is her friendship with Karan Kundrra that is making Shamita insecure. The Swaragini actress Tejasswi questions Karan that when all this while Shamita’s hatred for her was so evident why was he playing the best friend game with Shamita. She says to Karan, “Keep me out of this shi*. It is a cliche strategy. I am not going to stoop that low for the game. We are strong enough and we don’t need each other to survive in the game.” She decides to break his friendship with Karan.

The promo also sees the captaincy task between Miesha Iyer and Umar Riaz. It will be related to housemates receiving gifts sent by their family. But it will be on the contenders if they want to give them or not. Miesha decides to give Jay Bhanushali his gift. Jay receives a blanket made out of his daughter Tara’s dress. Her shoes and socks. He cries inconsolably after receiving them.

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