Bhagya Lakshmi : Rishi knows about Parvati with Ayush help

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi, how can she remarry? Rohan asks Rishi to have food with them. Rishi says shall I feed you both. He says yes. Paro asks him to feed him sweets first. Rohan says Paro is like us, she eats sweets first before food. Rishi is surprised. Paro says Dadi used to say, Parvati how you eat like this. Rishi hears Parvati’s name. Paro says her name is Parvati. Rishi recalls telling Lakshmi that they will name their daughter Parvati, being inspired from Goddess Parvati.

Paro says you are not feeding me well and says she will eat herself. Rohan and Paro like Kheer, and says it is good. Rishi comes out and tells Ayush that Paro is his daughter, they had decided to name their daughter as Parvati. Ayush says I know. He says when Parvati is his daughter. Rishi gets emotional and happy, and tells Ayush that lakshmi has lied to him. He asks him to enquire from the village if Lakshmi has any husband. Malishka hears them and thinks she will not let Lakshmi Bhagya win over Malishka Bhagya. She plans to do something and oust Paro from the house today itself.

Neelam says my sister is coming. Dadi says one Neelam was enough, and another one came. Aanchal comes there. Malishka opens the door. Aanchal comes inside and greets Neelam. Malishka and Anushka touch her feet, but Aanchal asks her to stop middle class behavior. She greets Dadi. Dadi greets her calling her putr. Aanchal says you didn’t change even after staying in city. She asks about Rohan.

Neelam asks her to freshen up first and then meet him. Anushka says when Maasi wants then let her meet him. Aanchal says just like Didi says. She likes the happy birthday Rohan board on the wall and goes. She sees Avinash and says you are here. Avinash asks Ayush to talk nicely with Aanchal. Dadi and others are worried.

Neelam tells Aanchal that Lakshmi is back. Aanchal says she can’t believe. Neelam says she was shocked when she saw her, and says she didnt tell her how she returned. She blames her calling her inauspicious.

Rishi asks Ayush to call Shalu and enquire if Paro is his sister. Ayush asks if Shalu will tell me. Rishi says yes. Ayush tells Rishi that Lakshmi was pregnant when she left from here.

Lakshmi thinks seeing the brightness in Paro’s eyes, she forgets all her sorrows. Aanchal tells Neelam that Chandelier had fallen down on you because of that inauspicious girl, and tells that they can’t let her come inside. Karishma comes there and sits.

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