Bhagya Lakshmi : Rishi got DNA report but malishka try to convert it.

In the upcoming episode of Bhagya lakshmi, there is going to be a fight between Lakshmi and Rishi once again.

In which Lakshmi will say that Paro is not Rishi’s daughter and Rishi must have got her DNA test done, the results are yet to come.

On the other hand, the rift between Lakshmi and Rishi will remain the same but Neelam’s anger is going to erupt over a small girl Paro, how and what will be shown, what special is going to come in the episode, let us tell you through this article.

Rishi is very happy to see Lakshmi and hear that Paro is his daughter but Lakshmi says that Paro is not her daughter that is why DNA test has been done and Malishka is also very upset due to this. Story of if DNA If the result of the test comes positive then Lakshmi will once again return back to the house, about which she is seen thinking about this.

On the other hand, both Rohan and Parvati will be playing cricket during which a ball will hit Neelam and if she gets a slight injury, Neelam will get angry at Parvati.

Rishi will be surprised to see why mother Paro is getting so angry over a small mistake.

Later, Rishi takes care of Neelam and himself apologizes on behalf of Paro and Rohan and on the other hand, the report is going to come very soon but what do you think, will the DNA report be changed or will Paro’s truth be revealed.

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