Bhagya Lakshmi : Paro Arrested Lakshmi beg Neelam to help

A new promo related to Bhagyalakshmi has been released in which it is shown that the police is arresting Paro.

And the same Lakshmi is crying and asking Neelam to save her but Neelam is not doing anything, she is just watching Paro being arrested.

The same Lakshmi is standing helpless, now what is shown in the promo, let us tell you all the things in this article.

It is shown inside the promo that Lakshmi is playing with Paro when suddenly the police comes and without telling anything, is about to arrest Paro and take her away but something happens and something is shown in which Neelam is involved. Because Lakshmi is praying in front of Neelam and saying to save Paro, it clearly means that it was done by Neelam or because of Neelam.

Now very soon in the upcoming episodes you will see that Lakshmi and Paro will be implicated in the theft case.

But on the other hand, whatever accusation might have been made must have been made by Neelam and very soon the biggest news is going to come in front of you all in which Rishi will be seen supporting Lakshmi and he will be against Neelam, so how excited are you? To watch the episode, please tell by commenting.

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